Question:  What should I wear?
Answer:  Whatever you’re comfortable in, God’s not interested in what you wear!

Question:  Do I need to give money?
Answer:  Only if you want to.  It’s been the case throughout the New Testament that the church is supported by the voluntary giving of it’s members. This is not for profit but for the furtherance of the Gospel.   There’s absolutley no obligation to give if you don’t want to…

Question:  How long are the services?
Answer:  Our services usually last about 90mins.  Its free flowing and dynamic so you’ll not notice the time!

Question:  Will I be asked to do anything?
Answer:  No, just relax and enjoy the service and the fellowship.

Question:  What if my children remaking noise?
Answer:  Don’t worry, we have lots of children in our services.  Our children are a welcome part of our family.

Question: Do you do baptisms, dedications, funerals and weddings?
Answer:  If you have any requests, just contact the pastor by clicking here